The ‘Tightrope’ Between Fun & Performance

The fun factor. We know it’s one of the main reasons our kids play sport. And, it’s the reason most of us WANT them to play sport. What happens when the conversation and EXPECTATION turns to performance.

In this episode, we speak with Hamish McMaster, a psychologist, behaviour coach, professional trainer, international speaker, published author and founder of Head in the Game, which provides psychological performance systems for athletes, coaches and parents.


The Science of Music & Sports Performance

Music and sports performance. How does music affect athletes? What does the science say? Is music a “type of legal, performance-enhancing drug”?

Research has shown listening to music while exercising can reduce an athlete’s rate of perceived effort. What does this mean exactly? Does the tempo have an impact? Why did USA Track & Field “ban the use of headphones and portable audio players” at its official races back in 2007?


Aussie Athletes Shining Light on Mental Health

Australians might like to claim they're ahead of the game when it comes to their sporting prowess, but the focus Aussie codes give to the mental health of its athletes leaves plenty to be desired.


New Issues for Families Without Sport

James Fitzgerald gazes out the window of the Nerang junior rugby league clubhouse to survey almost empty grounds, aside from a pair of aspiring older juniors putting in extras in the faint hope of a reboot to the season.

Fields that would normally be humming with players, parents, and coaches are now virtually ghost towns as the COVID-19 pandemic shuts down organised sport nationwide. The Gold Coast club, which had about 400 players registered for the season, is just one adjusting to the new reality.