Hamish McMaster


In The Game


Author of the Game Ready Playbook


Delivering scalable psychological performance systems to sporting codes & athletes. Refined over 20 years of successful application with junior amateur athletes through to world champions

Who Are We?

Head in the Game delivers scalable psychological performance systems to sporting codes & athletes.

Our proprietary PRIMED™  Method has been refined over 20 years of successful application with junior amateur athletes through to world champions.


  • For codes we integrate a common approach & language into existing performance frameworks
  • For teams we increase team cohesiveness, effectiveness & overall performance
  • For individual athletes we provide insight & enhanced performance


We’re on a mission to ensure every athlete has access to critical mental skills utilised by elite athletes.

We help improve athletes enhance performance via a six step method to track talent and improve, plan, prepare & perform psychologically

Why work with us?

Targeted approach for pre-elite & elite athletes using advanced learning principles

Ability to provide information in preparation for crucial moments

Tangible results for teams & individuals


The PRIMED™ Method is part of the most comprehensive, integrated and systemic psychological skills development for sporting organisations & individuals and is a core tenant of our client solutions. The method strengthens athlete’s psychological capabilities to optimise their professional & personal performance.

The method is practical and employable by athletes and their support structures & scalable for sporting teams, codes and organisations. In conjunction with our other performance tools & global development experience, PRIMED™ elevates proven psychological skills development to the next level

The GAME READY Workshops & Playbook are designed to help athletes, coaches, parents and high performance staff.

Workshops focus on evidence-based research & practice & practically delivered to build knowledge & skills application before, during & after those crucial moments

PRIMED™ Athletes are:

  • Mentally primed for practice & competition
  • Remain aware & in control of performance drivers & inhibitors
  • Overcome obstacles and remove barriers impacting performance
  • Effectively handle pressure during training & performance
  • Effectively navigate unexpected events during training & competition

About Hamish

Founder & Consultant Psychologist


Hamish McMaster has 20 years experience as a Psychologist, behaviour coach, professional trainer. He is an international speaker & published author.

  • Registered Psychologist
  • Member of the Australian Psychological Society
  • Member Association for Applied Sport Psychology
  • Member International Society of Sport Psychology